J1 waiver india postdoc

Everyone who is visiting this site fully knows the ordeal of getting J1 visa waiver. Stay positive. It is an awesome resource for anyone going through the J1 visa waiver process. The blog has inspired me to finish writing up some of my experiences, which is long over due. As former J-2 visa holders, we would like to apply for a waiver of the foreign residence requirement. Our case is a little bit complicated, therefore I need your guidance on this process.

My husband was J-1 visa holder from Jun Aug After completion of his program, in Augmy husband returned to our home country to fulfill his 2-year home residency requirements. He is still in our home country and working there. I and my two sons as his dependents had also J2 visas with 2-year home residency requirements. From Dec I have been working for the international humanitarian nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Inmy employer petitioned successfully for my O-1 visa and O-3 visa for my younger son.

My older so, was a student at the university, so we applied to change his J-2 visa to F-1 visa. In Augall three of us returned to our home country along with my husband and received our O1, O3, and F-1 visas respectively from the US Embassy in our country. Therefore, we would like to apply for a waiver of the foreign residence requirement. But from your website I understood that J-2 visa holders cannot apply for the waiver and only J-1 visa holder can apply for the waiver.

But my husband fulfilled his 2-year home residency requirements in September Could you please advise and guide us as to how we can apply for this waiver as former J-2 visa holders. I have learned, the hard way, that being a J1 Waiver physician makes you extremely vulnerable to abuse.

Especially in the states that need more of us ironically. I am currently in New Mexico. My employer makes me go to clinics I am not allowed to practice in according to J1 Waiver statutes, putting me in danger of losing my waiver.

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Puts me in higher malpractice risk than any of the other physicians by putting 6 midlevels under my name!! Truly a horror story. I tried seeking legal advise. No one has experience here with j1 Waivers. This is not a rant, it is a dead serious warning.

Do not do your waiver in New Mexico unless you have absolutely no choice. I have heard other states have better protocols to protect their physicians from abuse.

I have gone through this whole post and found it very useful. Thank you all for the inputs. In my case, I am leaving the country next week and going to India and my J1 program ends this week. The procedure mentioned here and also on the consulate website says that I need a valid US residence proof.Updated: Sep I am post-doctoral research scientist with University of California, Riverside and I have recently gone through J1 visa waiver process.


I am sharing my experience with everyone which I believe would help others to obtain J1 waiver easily. I referred several blogs and videos which was time consuming. To reduce the complexity, I have divided the whole process into 4 sections:. Stage 1. Stage 2. Stage 3. Before I begin I would like to clarify that these steps might change in future or slightly differ for you based on your location within United States. However, overall process should not vary much. J1 visa is a non-immigrant visa granted to individuals who wants to participate in exchange visitors program in United States.

Some individuals will be subject to 2 year home country physical presence requirement under which applicant has to go back to home country and serve for minimum 2 years. To waive off this two year rule, you need to obtain J1 waiver. Please check your J1 Visa or DSanyone of them could state e rule. Look at the bottom of your visa, it would say "Bearer is subject to section eTwo year home residency rule does apply".

If you don't have it on your visa, please check your DS I don't have it on DS since it was on my visa. Refer this screenshot, you might see a check mark on option 2. You can apply for waiver anytime, there is no restriction as such.

But it's recommended to apply once you have received DS extension for the entire possible term i. There are basically 3 stages to get J1 waiver and end-to-end it takes years to complete. So apply for third stage only when you have received full 5 years of extension on your visa.

j1 waiver india postdoc

So you have to decide based on your situation. You can post your query in comment section below If you have still doubts, I will help you with this. Washington DC details. Chicago details. New York details. San Francisco details. Houston details. Atlanta details. However, you can apply in person or send via mail.

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Help others, write your first blog today! View By. Most Popular. Back To Top. Create New Post.Forgot your password? By NabilApril 2, in J-1 Waivers. Can anyone provide me a brief overview of what a cover letter should state while sending the CGI attested copies of the documents to India? This is the cover letter that I am attaching with the other documents that will go to each of the offices Delhi, State government- Maharashtra and Passport office in India for the NOS document issuance.

My most recent and valid passport has been issued from Bahrain not in India. This is the passport where my J-1 stamp is found. My confusion comes in because my permanent address in India is in Mumbai. Hence alternatively, should this same packet of the attested copies- that is scheduled to go to the regional passport office in Bahrain, actually go to the passport office in Mumbai?

The Section Officer. ES-5 Section. External Scholarship Division. Wing-6, West Block-1. I came to US in J1 visa and subjected to the 2 year home residency rule e which means I need to come back to India at the end of my current J1 program in USA and cannot be able to return to USA for the next two years. Hence I am here by applying to you with the following documents and kindly request you to issue a NORI certificate for me from your office in order to support my Waiver application in USA.

Your help and support in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank You. Contact me at my user name in combination with gmail. In that letter do I necessarily need to have a case number generated through the DS filing? No need to send the DS case no. It is no use sending the case no.

After this DS case no. Mentioning the case number in the cover letter is not mandatory and moreover not going to be so useful during the NORI procedures in India. It is just to let them know you have already started the J1 Waiver procedures in US which may give them a mindset to speed up the processing from their end just a speculative thought. Generating a case number is not trivial.

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Once you complete the online form, your case number will be generated. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. All posts are moderated, so it will take time for your post to appear! Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post.

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Posted April 2, Certain exchange visitors are subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement of Section e of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This web site allows exchange visitors desiring a waiver of e to reserve a case number and begin the paperwork for their request to the Department of State Waiver Review Division for a waiver recommendation. The exchange visitor or representative controls the data entry to ensure an error-free submission.

As a result, processing times will be reduced. Those exchange visitors with case numbers can submit changes to their contact information or check the status of their case file. All documentation and fees must continue to be mailed to the Department of State. Notice: Submissions of the downloaded form DS will no longer be accepted. Adobe Reader is required version 5 or higher.

If you need the Adobe Reader, click the icon below:. Glossary Feedback Contact Us. This site is a subsidiary site of Travel. Welcome to J Visa Waiver Online! What would you like to do? Complete an Online Application for a J-1 waiver recommendation. Complete a Survey to help clarify whether you may be subject to e Go Directly to Advisory Opinion To skip the survey and go directly to the Advisory Opinion.

If you already have a Waiver Review case number, you may: Check the Status of a request for a waiver of the two-year home residence requirement Inform the Department of State of a change to personal data such as mailing address, email, phone, etc.The applicants have to handle Stage II themselves.

The online application on the portal has commenced from 27th February The Ministry will continue receiving physical form of application for the next 90 days from commencement of the new website. Post 90 days, physical application will not be accepted for the purpose. Stage 2 : Un-accounted it depends on your respective state secretariat honesty.

j1 waiver india postdoc

Consulate General of India, Chicago Misc. NOTE: Notarization is required if not submitting in person. In case the Consulate receives applications with incomplete documentation, the same will be returned unprocessed. Send all the above documents and attachments either by post to your jurisdiction area or submit in person. No appointment is needed for personal submission at any of the above consulate.

On receipt of attested forms from the Consulate General of India, send one original set set includes. Applicant needs to be really on top of procedure for obtaining waiver from home department of state. Procedure from case study from UP is as follows:. On receipt of waiver clearance from all three offices mentioned in Stage II, applicants are supposed to prepare two separate packages:. Box St.

J1 Waiver- A Curse: A New Blog on Getting NOC from India and J1 Visa Waiver

Louis, MO According to recent reports, pathogenic disease causing microbes were accounted as one of the top ten causes of deaths in USA. I must say, it is a very well written post. Great job Ashootosh!! I followed this to file for the Step III in waiver process. I will receive a copy of the waiver certificate from the CGI today evening itself Feb 27 Would you may be have a clue as to the time period between sending docs to DOS and getting the favorable recommendation for waiver from them, can I get my current DS extended?

Does Applicants legal guardians mean my in-laws? Thank you so much. Hi, This is a very useful article. Thanks for the endeavors in making such a step by step work flow. Is there anyone who is not able to register on nori. I mean if we visit the consulate, why i need to pay for receiving documents by mail. Do i have to do multiple visit.Some ToolsProvided by FantasyPros links open in new tabsSome ToolsProvided by FantasyPros links open in new tabsSome ToolsProvided by FantasyPros links open in new tabsSome ToolsProvided by FantasyPros links open in new tabsSome ToolsProvided by FantasyPros links open in new tabsSome ToolsProvided by FantasyPros links open in new tabsSome tools by FantasyPros opens in new tabSome tools by FantasyPros opens in new tabSome tools by FantasyPros opens in new tabSome tools by FantasyPros opens in new tabWith a very low percentage of the public still alive in survivor pools, here's how our NFL Survivor Picks customers are doing so far this year.

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j1 waiver india postdoc

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Hi Hanna, thanks for reading. Are you asking about inserting a link into text. This method DOES work as you can see by the test link in the article.

j1 waiver india postdoc

Does setting up the link with the 5 stars already selected trigger Google spam filter. I just did this for my site, and got a very nice review immediately. I have also reached out to Google and am awaiting an answer.

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Thanks so much for this information.

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